Flower Energies symbolise a passion and fulfilment of purpose for me, its been a growth, emergence and rebirth through years of understanding and connection to nature.

Through being a horticulturalist and florist all my life I have found a deeper meaning and understanding through working with plants. Their amazing energies have a significant impact on us, whether consciously or sub-consciously.
Hence my florist business, The Flower Station and my Landscaping business, The Garden Station are going through some interesting changes and merges.

I am still offering my clients the personal service they have become accustomed to, and add to that by offering more insight and knowledgeable use of specific flowers and plants, which bring about the necessary energies that are required in and around your home, creating unique and personalised flower arrangements and landscaped gardens to suit your individual requirements.

Contact me for a landscaping/ horticultural consultation, a floral arrangement for any occasion or more information about flower energies and therapy, how to use the right plants to shift unwanted energies.


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The Flower Station creates beautiful flower arrangements for all occasions.
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